China International Battery Technology Exchange Conference/Exhibition (CIBF) is the first brand exhibition in the battery industry that has passed trademark registration protection sponsored by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association. CIBF currently holds a series of activities in Shenzhen every two years, including exhibitions, battery cutting-edge technology seminars, power battery exchange meetings, battery industry cooperation summits and so on.

At present, CIBF has become the vane of the global battery industry, this grand event was grandly opened on May 16, the first day, involving materials, equipment, batteries and other fields of more than 2,500 exhibitors at home and abroad collectively appeared, attracting 140,000 visitors, a record high, in the process of promoting cooperation and seeking business opportunities, fully feel the strong influence of CIBF. A grand event that has attracted the attention of the global industry, helped achieve the “dual carbon” goal, and promoted the development of China’s new energy battery technology and industrial upgrading has come strongly!

Founded in June 2022, UNIQUE’s business layout covers the research and development, manufacturing and sales of lithium battery core materials, energy storage battery products and energy storage management systems, with the mission of becoming a global expert in energy management and intelligent manufacturing, committed to promoting environmental protection technology, building a famous brand of global energy storage batteries, and providing solutions for the world to move towards safe, efficient, clean and sustainable green energy.

This CIBF is the first exhibition after the establishment of UNIQUE Co., in order to better participate in this event, UNIQUE Co., Ltd. set up a 10-person exhibition team, in the exhibition released self-developed assets of energy storage series products, the series of products with unique appearance design, high stability and reliability, attracted a large number of customers, especially foreign on-site negotiation and communication, especially with Chinese style characteristics of household energy storage product design, can match with the mainstream inverter on the market, once unveiled by customers praise, At the same time, the all-in-one machine products have received a large number of inquiries from European and American customers, and the lead to lithium series has great potential.

With professional production management capabilities, platform resources and channel network, UNIQUE can meet the diversified service needs of customers and provide production and processing services such as energy storage modules and packs.

Cycle your success I sincerely look forward to all colleagues to visit our booth to visit and communicate, our growth and development can not be separated from the guidance and care of every customer, thank you!

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