Borax Anhydrous

  • Name: Borax Anhydrous/Sodium Tetraborate
  • Molecular Formula: Na2B4O7
  • Molecular weight: 201.22
  • Properties: white crystal or vitreous crystal
  • CAS#: 1330-43-4
  • HS CODE: 2840110000
  • Uses: glass, glaze, solder, enamel, smelting, co-solvent for non-ferrous metals and alloys, etc.

Anhydrous borax sodium tetraborate is mainly used in the manufacture of metallurgical horizontal casting, metal frit, heat-resistant and high-quality glass, optical glass, ceramic and enamel glaze, detergents and bleach, cleaning agents, flame retardants, rust prevention, binders. It can also be used as a carrier of lubricants in metal wire drawing, as a stabilizer and skeleton formation in refractories, as a wrapping flux in metallurgy, a retarder for cement and concrete, a pH buffer in water systems, and an emulsifier for paraffin.

Inspection items request Inspection ixdex
Anhydrous borax(Na2B4O7) %≥ 99.5
Sodiumo xide(Na2O) %≥ 30
Boron oxide(B2O3) %≥ 68.7
Iron(Fe) 50 ppm
Sulfuricacid(SO4) 135 ppm
Moisturecontent %≤ 0.5
Particle size (50 mesh standard sieve pass rate) %≥ On request
Appearance white crystal partel   White crystalline granules