All-In-One ESS

  • UHOME Series is and off-grid energy storage system,which can connect solar panel, grid (or generator) and load
  • It has built-in LFP battery, off-grid inverter and battery management system (BMS)
  • It has multiple work modes to meet lots of applications scenarios, and reduce the electricity bill, store the energy for emergency back-up

Key Features

  • High Reliability
  • LFP battery cell technology,safe than ever
  • Multiple protections, safe and reliable
  • Integrate Max.10.24kWh battery, long time power supply

Advanced Design

  • All in one design. compact and elegant apperance
  • MPPT technology, tracking efficiency not less than 99.5%
  • Both PV and grid charge, fast and convenient


  • Multi-purpose AC outet,easy to use
  • Multiple work modes, meet lots of scenarios
Max PV Input Power 4000W
Max PV Charging Power 4000W
MPPT Electrical Input (DC) 120~400V
Number of MPPT trackers/Max Input Current 1/80A
Output Grid (AC)
Output Power 5000W
Output Voltage Range 220V AC (-6% ~ +3%), 230V AC (-10% ~ +3%)
Output Frequency 50/60 ±0.2%
Max Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC) 93%
Efficiency @ Standard Value 91%
AC Input
Max AC Input Current 60A
Acceptable Input Voltage Range 176V AC ~ 264V AC / 40 ~ 65Hz
Conversion Efficiency (DC/AC) 96%
Battery Specifications
Nominal Voltage 51.2V
Battery Capacity 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah
Max Continuous Charge Current 100Ah 100Ah 100Ah
Dimension 1100*780*230mm
Weight ~120kg ~140kg ~160kg