Commercial and Utility Energy Storage System

  • 100kW/200kWh outdoor cabinet energy storage system has the battery pack, PDU, PCS and fire protection, air conditioning system
  • The system can run on-grid or off-grid. It can be applied to islands, villages, communities, resorts, data centers, enterprise parks, base stations, etc. for uninterrupted power supply and backup power systems

Key Features

  • Safe and reliable, long life design
  • Standardized modular design
  • Dual charge and discharge control
  • Efficient operation and maintenance
  • 7-inch LCD screen, rich user setting interface, real-time monitoring system parameters
  • Isolated RS485 communication interface, can be used with GPRS, WIFI and other modules to realize remote maintenance
  • Intelligent fire protection system, safety and security
  • Good temperature uniformity, the temperature difference of the whole system is within 10°C
Item Parameters Remark
Series and Parallel 1P224S 14pcs battery Pack
Nominal Capacity 280Ah  
Nominal Voltage DC716.8V  
Work Voltage Range 560 ~ 817.6V 2.5 ~ 3.65V
Nominal Energy 200.7kWh 0.5CP
Rated Charging Current 140A 0.5C
Max Constant Charge Current 160A 25±5°C, 0~100% SOC
Rated Discharging Current 140A 0.5C
Max Constant Discharge Current 160A 25±5°C, 3.0 ~3.45V
Rated Power Charge 100KW 0.5P
Discharge 100KW  
Operation Temperature Range (Optimal) 25±5°C Guaranteed cycle life conditions
Power Consumption (Without fan) 30W/(1BPU+1Rack) 110~230V AC power supply
Fan Power Consumption 100W  
Size 800*412*225mm Without connectors & handles
840*466*225mm Include connectors & handles
Weight 2950kg ±50kg
Cabinet Outer Dimensions H2050*D1000*L2360mm ±20mm Exclude PCS and air conditioner
IP Grade IP54  
Humidity 65%±20%RH  
Altitude ≤2000m ≤2000m Customizable